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Work sharing increases due to economy slump

Posted on December 13, 2012 by allmumkind | Comments (0)

As the financial crisis continues to sweep across the globe, we are experiencing a shift in working patterns for the first time in decades..Businesses are now reviewing their internal working practices and making adjustments to ensure they stay afloat during 2013.

In previous recessions, companies would automatically make more drastic decisions such as job cuts and wage reductions. It is interesting and equally positive to see businesses being more creative by changing the way in which they work. This includes work sharing and therefore days have been reduced, duties shared to make sure jobs are kept and employees still have a role to play.
The immediate impact of these measures is in the salaries of the employees because they are having to work reduced hours and even part-time. The positive output is that they still have a job to go to and also companies can continue to operate until the economy finally changes.

The overall view amongst business leaders is that these creative measures actually stabilise the global economy, instead of making drastic decisions and eroding talent, cultures and employment.

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