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Inflexible working practices hinder single parents

Posted on September 5, 2012 by allmumkind | Comments (1)

New research has discovered that inflexible working practices are hindering career progression and employment opportunities of single parents.

Single parents classify an understanding line manager, part-time or flexible hours and a workplace close to their children's nursery or school as job priorities when seeking flexibility.

The survey carried out by Gingerbread identified that job opportunities with flexibility were limiting single parents. Over a third of the parents questioned claim that flexible hours were ideal so that they could continue working and also take responsibility for their caring duties.

During the survey a further in-depth study looked at how many parents have traded responsible careers and higher pay for flexible working hours. This is quite a common trend.

The chief executive of Gingerbread, Fiona Weir says that "single parents want to work, provide for their family and be a role model to their children but are being held back by a lack of jobs that enable them to work flexibly".
She goes on to say "more jobs that are flexible and accessible to all prospective staff plus affordable, modern childcare options could transform the lives of millions of working families across the UK, not just single parents and offer real benefits for employers and our economy".

These working arrangements are also beneficial to the employers too, such as home-working, staggered hours and jobs shares. The main positive outputs in study's show that their is higher employee morale, productivity and retention.

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