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Management progression "getting easier for women"

Posted on July 11, 2012 by allmumkind | Comments (0)

An industry expert has suggested that in today, woman are finding it easier to break through the glass ceiling in their career, compared to previous years.

Role models for younger women today play a big part in encouraging women to aspire to high level careers.

In today's society there is more emphasis on flexible working and legislation which is enabling women to progress further with their chosen careers even though they have demanding family responsibilities.

Although we see more appetite for flexible working, there is still discrepancy in the number of females in senior roles in organisations and as part of the governments key agenda points targets must be achieved whilst they are still in power.

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allmumkind's commitment to Diversity

Posted on June 22, 2012 by allmumkind | Comments (2)

allmumkind’s Diversity statement

allmumkind is committed to equality for parents who are seeking a better work-life balance through flexible working and the opportunity to continue building a successful career. We identify the desire for many women post motherhood, with a wealth of experience and skills to secure and sustain senior positions. This drives our focus in running a progressive and successful business.

Our service towards candidates will ensure we advertise and market our site through a diverse range of mediums, which do not discriminate and respect individuals. We will follow policies and regularly monitor data and update where necessary.

Our aim and continued drive is to work with companies who place diversity at the top of their recruitment and employment policies. We can support companies to hire flexibly which will enable them to benefit from;

- Achieving better retention and commitment
- Create a diverse working culture/environment
- Achieve better standards of motivation and morale
- Better understanding of different markets
- Reduce turnover and costs on repeat recruitment fees
- Although diversity is good in itself, it has been measured that it is beneficial for business

We believe that in today’s working community, organisations perform more successfully through building a diverse workforce.

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