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Single mum’s will lose out…

Posted on June 27, 2011 by allmumkind | Comments (0)

A new study suggests that lone parents are losing out from the coalition review of tax and benefits. The sad fact is that single mums are hit harder than single men.

This information has been drawn up by the Fawcett Society and the Institute of Fiscal Studies who estimates that;

- Single women lose on average of just under 5% of their annual income as a result of the changes to the tax and welfare system by 2015.

- Lone mothers can expect to lose 8.5% of their annual income by 2015, equivalent to a month’s take home income every year.

Anna Bird, acting chief of the Fawcett Society explains..” The results are clear; women are bearing the brunt of cuts…Some of the least well off in our society are being forced to act as shock absorbers for the cuts, with women – in particular single mothers – faring worse”.

“A year on from the coalition government’s first budget, we call on the Chancellor to adopt this analysis in future budgets to allow for fairer and more transparent decision making. The government should also review welfare, employment and childcare policy, so that lone mothers do not shoulder more than their fair share of the cuts”.

It’s really interesting to see that this government is promoting a “Brighter Britain” and banging on about the reduction in unemployment, when if they actually concentrated on the population of mums – most whom are dedicated/skilled and are wanting to make a difference, then they would realise these women need greater support, not barriers when contributing to the workplace……

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Single Parent….. Double Trouble?

Posted on May 12, 2011 by Vicky Knights | Comments (26)

Single Parent……….. Double Trouble?

Being a parent is not easy. Being a single parent is twice as hard. Responsibilities, worries, bills, school runs, ballet classes, football club…. are borne by one pair of shoulders and even Mr. T couldn’t carry that burden alone.

For whatever reason or circumstance finds you in this position, it is one that is initially daunting but with a bit of support, a leap of faith and a good sense of humour, it is one that you can not only survive but embrace. You can sleep easy at night. You can still have a career. You can pay your bills.

Your life doesn’t stop; it just takes an unexpected direction that can initially throw you into unfamiliar territory with a large pinch of guilt and a sprinkle of self-doubt.

My journey began when my daughter was a baby. I have since learned through first-hand experience about everything from working tax credits to childcare, flexible working hours to making your pound go further.

From my experience, the work/home balance is a fine juggling act for every mother but once struck, it provides space, self-esteem and fulfilment as a working woman and recharged batteries, passion, excitement and fulfilment as a loving mother.

That pearl of wisdom relayed, I am no expert but knowledge is power and it goes a long way. It gave me strength to know that I wasn’t alone or some societal anomaly and that there are a lot of good organisations and websites out there (allmumkind and gingerbread to name but two) that provide practical information and support and don’t make you feel like the pip in the apple.

Over the next few months, I shall tackle a number of topics with the aim of clearing the mists of uncertainty and providing a bit of much-needed sanity. I shall be offering practical advice and support for those of you out there that need a nudge in the right direction or just want a friendly ear to listen to your problems or answer your nagging concerns. I am more than happy to answer questions or comments to my post.

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