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Are you a working mum who has switched roles?

Posted on July 11, 2011 by allmumkind | Comments (0)

You may be wondering which roles I am referring to? Well in fact, I am referring to switching roles of a housewife to house-husband…..

Would you believe it, there are now over 200,000 house-husbands across the UK and research suggests this number will only rise. Only 18 years ago the figure was 119,000 and in 2009, 192,000.

Media would suggest that there may be a stigma attached, but what else would you expect them to say? I feel it should be embraced. As I have mentioned throughout many of my blogs that due to economic changes and flexible appetite of both mums and dads then I would only expect more dads to ditch their careers and focus on a new challenge – house-husband.

It is a conversation both my husband and I have had previously. Go back two years just after the markets crashed and just as I returned to work post maternity leave my husband lost his job suddenly. It was without a doubt that I returned to work full time and support my family. Fortunately my career would have allowed my husband to take over as a house-husband, but as I have written previously, my career needed to change along with my needs and so it wasn’t to be. If it was a career I adored and I didn’t feel the way I did, it may have been a big consideration.

I think society is embracing a more positive lifestyle choice and more men aren’t afraid to owning up in taking care of the domestic duties over a career they may perhaps have not much interest in and if their wife holds down the more dynamic and financially stronger position of the two. So why not?

I personally can think of a handful of house-husbands where the dynamics are just that. If it works and there isn’t a power struggle but some degree of harmony then it can work. I am sure many mums would rather their husband be in control of the care of the children than an outsider…..obviously from a responsibility point of view. I am also sure some women may have to firmly bite their lip at the way in which some husbands may carry out the domestic chores. I know I would be one of them! But, hey, a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things…

When we observe a child their primary needs are love, boundaries, structure and routine. I am pretty sure most dad’s can very naturally provide this. I believe what works within your family unit, works for you. I wholeheartedly support the house-husband, but as a nation are we doing enough to encourage more positive family lifestyle’s by exchanging roles completely?


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