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Mind the gap!

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Mind the gap!
So you have taken a year out or even a longer break from your career and now you have decided you would like to return to the workplace? You look at your CV and not sure were to start?
When we take career breaks for any reason it can make us a little nervous as to how we explain our breaks/gaps and also we fear the markets have moved on without us.
Presentation and a clear explanation of your skills and being able to demonstrate these well in previous posts are key. Being able provide concise detail as to exactly what you have done will give the employer more interest and grab their attention.

Your CV should flow placing your skills and experience in an interesting order so that the employer takes you into consideration for the role. With the turbulent market we have experienced since 2008, it is actually quite common for candidates to have breaks on their CV, so it’s not really unheard of. A good CV must be based on skills rather than being presented in a chronological order.
So this is a good place to start when giving your CV a complete makeover. Gather a list of all the skills you have acquired since leaving education, through your career and whilst taking a break.
You may have offered some volunteering, advisory, freelance, charity, school/baby group support work. You may have even started your own blog/website? These are skills and can be translated onto your CV.

Order them concisely and you will be surprised perhaps that you have acquired skills without realising?
Getting back to the workplace can leave you feeling daunted and you may be lacking confidence, but taking a step back and again creating a plan of action can be the first steps back.
Can you offer some advisory/consultancy work for free perhaps amongst local businesses where your skills may fit? If you haven’t created a Linked-in profile make this a priority. Have a think about the types of businesses you would like to work for and see if there would be ways you could work with them? Connect with all of your previous colleagues who witnessed your dedication and experience. Start networking and share with them your interest of returning to the workplace and what you can do?
By looking at your list of skills, you may shape a role, which you didn’t necessarily do previously but can give you the insight to work towards. Talk to friends and again previous colleagues to gather information and tips to help you along.

As well as reading jobs adverts, focus on a few specialist website/agencies who can help you and give you some advice.

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Mothers earn more than fathers as family pay gap shrinks

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A leading think tank has discovered that fathers pay has been slow to increase compared to men without children over past two decades. Surprisingly women’s pay has outstripped those peers without children.

This is thought to be the significant change in working patterns as more women are now working full time.

Research has discovered that mothers and fathers on low to middle pay, has demonstrated a gender pay gap since the mid nineties. The decrease has resulted in 25 percent.

More men have been forced to find part-time roles over this period whilst more women are going back to work full-time. Another reason for this is women have established careers by the time they have babies and therefore are older.

With the significant changes in society and the economy, families will focus on maximising on the parent who can earn the most from their salary, so this determines which career changes to part-time hours where possible.

Going back a few decades more women would have automatically become a stay-at home mum or reduced their working hours compared to families today who ensure they steer clear of poverty, will commit to dual-earners.

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allmumkind's commitment to Diversity

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allmumkind’s Diversity statement

allmumkind is committed to equality for parents who are seeking a better work-life balance through flexible working and the opportunity to continue building a successful career. We identify the desire for many women post motherhood, with a wealth of experience and skills to secure and sustain senior positions. This drives our focus in running a progressive and successful business.

Our service towards candidates will ensure we advertise and market our site through a diverse range of mediums, which do not discriminate and respect individuals. We will follow policies and regularly monitor data and update where necessary.

Our aim and continued drive is to work with companies who place diversity at the top of their recruitment and employment policies. We can support companies to hire flexibly which will enable them to benefit from;

- Achieving better retention and commitment
- Create a diverse working culture/environment
- Achieve better standards of motivation and morale
- Better understanding of different markets
- Reduce turnover and costs on repeat recruitment fees
- Although diversity is good in itself, it has been measured that it is beneficial for business

We believe that in today’s working community, organisations perform more successfully through building a diverse workforce.

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Gender pay gap in City reaches over 20%

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A City survey identified that women in Financial Services were being paid 21% less than their male colleagues performing a similar role. This percentage converts to around £30,000 less in complete pay which includes bonuses.

With large City firms focussing on their diversity policies, the research shows that women are still behind when it comes their financial reward.

Not only does the gap need to be drastically narrowed for equality reasons but more importantly, to attract top talent regardless of gender. Retention of talent here is significant also when the economy is in such a downturn.

The Home Secretary and Equalities Minister, Theresa May enforced "gagging" clauses in contracts back in 2010 to discontinue City workers discussing their pay. Since the enforcement of this clause, there appears to be little effect.

Nearly 2000 City professionals took part in a survey which showed that overall, employees were less satisfied with their base salary. The results also showed that the pay rises were less common in comparison to 2010.

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Females on UK boards is on the increase

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There has been a rise in women on boards, however a report by Deloitte has found that the positions are non-executive positions rather than the more sought after executive roles.

It is still proven that men take the more important nine out of ten positions on boards and this activity still happened even though the government put gender diversity at the top of their agenda.

This agenda point has arisen from Lord Davies who has put pressure on UK businesses to have 25% of female representation on their boards by 2015.

A target of 30% has been indicated as a target by David Cameron, which so far has had the backing of many of the UK’s biggest companies.

According to Cranfield School of Management eleven FTSE 100 companies still do not have any female representation at all on their board.

One company employing almost 50% of female representation on their board is Diageo and in second place is Burberry with over a third of females sitting on their board.

There has been some improvement since the late 90’s where around only 8% of females sat on FTSE 100 boards. Since then, this figure has doubled.

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Women to increase performance in organisations

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Good news ladies! A recent study carried out by Randstad has found that UK employees want to see more women employed in management positions. Very positive findings in that it is believed women would increase performance across companies.

This said, over a third of employees firmly believe that their employers would continue to choose male candidates even though there were equally suitable men and women who could perform the same job at a management level.

Interestingly, even though the findings recognised that women managers were much needed, only 15% would prefer a woman over a man as their manager. Only just over a quarter of women would want to work predominantly with females, leaving the remaining figure preferring to work with men.

These are really interesting gender dynamics as on one hand we want to promote and identify more senior women and then the findings suggest that the preferences of working for men still remains….

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UK Government’s progression to eliminate discrimination against women….

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A report produced by the UK’s government was this passed to the UN (CEDAW) – Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women, to try and achieve gender equality and to hopefully eliminate discrimination against women.

The UK’s government Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equality Theresa May said…”The government is committed to equality for women and despite progress over recent decades, there is still a long way to go”.

She goes on to say that “The government is taking action to tackle the inequalities that women face in all aspects of their lives. Amongst this list are plans to tackle the gender gap, more rights to flexible working and a new system of flexible parental leave. The report goes on to say that this government is determined in providing more opportunities for the next generation of women. Let’s hope they keep this agenda point firmly at the top of their list!

Their key strategy is to “Build a fairer Britain”..……I really hope so, but I think they have a very long way to go…

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