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National work-life week – 26th – 30th September 2011

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Did you know it is National Work-Life Week? www.workingfamilies.org.uk, sponsored by Unum, will take place from 26th to 30th September.

This is organised by the UK’s work-life charity Working Families, the week will shine a light on the growing importance of family-friendly and flexible working.

How can this work for you and your company…

As an employer

This is a perfect opportunity to review work-life policies. Companies can use this chance to demonstrate commitment to their staff by choosing ways to retain their staff and become an employer of choice.

As an employee

A week dedicated to work-life balance can be used to motivate fellow staff by raising understanding and involvement in network groups and staff associations. This is a great opportunity to spread the word on diversity and the promotion of flexible working for carers and parents.

As an organisation

Companies can use this opportunity to demonstrate and practice work-life balance. Competitions for voting for the “best boss”, “bring you child to work day”. Some organisations go as far as launching well being initiatives – fitness, stopping smoking, healthy eating and promoting more home-working to assist families when there is illness and a need for flexibility etc. Some of these ideas and more give companies a chance to stand out and become desirable employers.

Is you company taking part in National work-life week? If so, what are they focussing on?

As the world in which we live is going through such a change organisations would be worth adopting new policies and moving with the times. I think we will see the working pattern shifting towards greater flexibility and home-working for instance as companies looks to retain top talent and reduce costs. These are only a few examples where businesses can demonstrate best practices.

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Single Parent….. Double Trouble?

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Single Parent……….. Double Trouble?

Being a parent is not easy. Being a single parent is twice as hard. Responsibilities, worries, bills, school runs, ballet classes, football club…. are borne by one pair of shoulders and even Mr. T couldn’t carry that burden alone.

For whatever reason or circumstance finds you in this position, it is one that is initially daunting but with a bit of support, a leap of faith and a good sense of humour, it is one that you can not only survive but embrace. You can sleep easy at night. You can still have a career. You can pay your bills.

Your life doesn’t stop; it just takes an unexpected direction that can initially throw you into unfamiliar territory with a large pinch of guilt and a sprinkle of self-doubt.

My journey began when my daughter was a baby. I have since learned through first-hand experience about everything from working tax credits to childcare, flexible working hours to making your pound go further.

From my experience, the work/home balance is a fine juggling act for every mother but once struck, it provides space, self-esteem and fulfilment as a working woman and recharged batteries, passion, excitement and fulfilment as a loving mother.

That pearl of wisdom relayed, I am no expert but knowledge is power and it goes a long way. It gave me strength to know that I wasn’t alone or some societal anomaly and that there are a lot of good organisations and websites out there (allmumkind and gingerbread to name but two) that provide practical information and support and don’t make you feel like the pip in the apple.

Over the next few months, I shall tackle a number of topics with the aim of clearing the mists of uncertainty and providing a bit of much-needed sanity. I shall be offering practical advice and support for those of you out there that need a nudge in the right direction or just want a friendly ear to listen to your problems or answer your nagging concerns. I am more than happy to answer questions or comments to my post.

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Welcome to allmumkind!

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Welcome to the allmumkind blog!

This is our new exciting feature to the allmumkind network which continues to support women and their careers post motherhood.

If you are a working mum, returning mum or simply a super full time mum who is looking for inspiration, guidance, advice and open chat then come and join in with the conversation! We want to hear your views, comments and thoughts on our ever challenging and demanding lives as the biggest job ever…mum.

We hope you find the articles true and honest as we will be discussing all subjects from Flexible working, Government changes, Legislation, Going back to work, Issues we face as a working mum to being a single mum, “the school gates” and basically how on earth do we do it? and much, much more!

So, come on, join the chat and spread the word!

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