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Middle income families hit most by the recession

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The Office for National Statistics has revealed that the middle fifth of households saw their disposable incomes reduce by £1,100 to £24,400 in year to April 2012.

With the Chancellors austerity measures being put in place, the poorest members of society have been hit the hardest.

The indirect taxes such as VAT on alcohol, tabacco and fuel rose from 28p to 31p which hit the poorest fifth chunk of average disposable incomes.

The overall household group hit the hardest though VAT increases from 15pc to 20pc was the poorest.

This is an interesting population group as households are mostly hit by indirect taxes depending on the goods and services they use a large amount of.

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Cabinet split on maternity/paternity leave.

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There have been rumours surfacing that the government are planning to scale back maternity and paternity leave to encourage more of a business friendly agenda.

A government commissioned report which is supposedly suggesting a reduction in maternity leave and the reversal of plans for shared parental leave which is due to be rolled out in 2015. This report was compiled by Venture Capitalist – Adrian Beecroft who was commissioned by Cameron to assess how to reduce policies which are a burden on businesses.

This has created tension from within the coalition as this policy goes against the views of the Lib Dem’s. Family friendly policies are key to what they have been promoting so this u-turn may come as a surprise.

Senior members of the Lib Dem’s appear confused by the report as it was only last year that Cameron was campaigning that they were the “most” family-friendly government.

Equalities Minister – Lynne Featherstone launched an attack against the report ‘These are hideous suggestions …..what I would say about them is that it would be absolutely extraordinary if we were to abandon our commitment to these flagship policies’

We will see how true the report will turn out to be, but with the number of female votes turning away from the current government party at the moment the timing couldn’t be worse for Cameron and his colleagues.

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Stay at home mums is on the rise.

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It doesn’t come as a complete surprise that the number of stay at home mums is on the rise for the first time. And I am not surprised to read that the UK has the most expensive childcare costs in the world.

More women than men are affected by unemployment and this number is rising. The main reason for the increase is that women are losing their jobs within the public sector, due to government cuts. This has been reduced by 70% in order to reduce the welfare bill.

Currently there are over a quarter of a million women who are jobless and have been for over a year, according to the IPPR – Institute of Public Policy Research. A high proportion of women included in this figure have no choice but to quit their jobs as the government cut Childcare Tax Credits. Equally there are a proportion of women who can’t economically justify the huge increase in childcare costs and it doesn’t make going to work worthwhile.

Unfortunately for some working mums the decision has already been made as they have been made redundant from their jobs. Within this population of women there may be some mums who had a good family balance and now may struggle to identify a similar job that suits them and they are forced to stay at home.

I would love to hear from you if you have been affected if this includes yourself;

- Where you made redundant from your job?

- Have you been forced to leave your job due to costly childcare rises?

- Have you been forced to leave your job due to government cuts i.e Childcare Tax Credits?

- Have you simply opted to become a stay at home mum?

Thanks for your continued support!

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Single mum’s will lose out…

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A new study suggests that lone parents are losing out from the coalition review of tax and benefits. The sad fact is that single mums are hit harder than single men.

This information has been drawn up by the Fawcett Society and the Institute of Fiscal Studies who estimates that;

- Single women lose on average of just under 5% of their annual income as a result of the changes to the tax and welfare system by 2015.

- Lone mothers can expect to lose 8.5% of their annual income by 2015, equivalent to a month’s take home income every year.

Anna Bird, acting chief of the Fawcett Society explains..” The results are clear; women are bearing the brunt of cuts…Some of the least well off in our society are being forced to act as shock absorbers for the cuts, with women – in particular single mothers – faring worse”.

“A year on from the coalition government’s first budget, we call on the Chancellor to adopt this analysis in future budgets to allow for fairer and more transparent decision making. The government should also review welfare, employment and childcare policy, so that lone mothers do not shoulder more than their fair share of the cuts”.

It’s really interesting to see that this government is promoting a “Brighter Britain” and banging on about the reduction in unemployment, when if they actually concentrated on the population of mums – most whom are dedicated/skilled and are wanting to make a difference, then they would realise these women need greater support, not barriers when contributing to the workplace……

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UK Government’s progression to eliminate discrimination against women….

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A report produced by the UK’s government was this passed to the UN (CEDAW) – Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women, to try and achieve gender equality and to hopefully eliminate discrimination against women.

The UK’s government Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equality Theresa May said…”The government is committed to equality for women and despite progress over recent decades, there is still a long way to go”.

She goes on to say that “The government is taking action to tackle the inequalities that women face in all aspects of their lives. Amongst this list are plans to tackle the gender gap, more rights to flexible working and a new system of flexible parental leave. The report goes on to say that this government is determined in providing more opportunities for the next generation of women. Let’s hope they keep this agenda point firmly at the top of their list!

Their key strategy is to “Build a fairer Britain”..……I really hope so, but I think they have a very long way to go…

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New paternity rights…Great idea, but what’s the reality?

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Extended Paternity leave will come into effect from April 3rd 2011. This means that under the new rules, father’s can take up to 26 weeks paternity leave. Great idea, but will your husband/partner be taking advantage of this flexible benefit?

A generous contribution from the Government and a modern approach in identifying “hands on daddies”, but I think for some families it is simply not a reality.

A recent study carried out by uSwitch.com found 26% of fathers felt that, by taking advantage of such a benefit would be detrimental to their career’s. 16% were fearful about losing their jobs.

With the pressure of increased responsibility and workload, over half the fathers questioned simply couldn’t afford to take the time off. Financial constraints was a major factor and this would hinder nearly half of the men questioned. Some men taking part in the survey, went as far to say that they wouldn’t be happy to cover the workload for father’s taking this length of paternity leave.  Money concerns seemed to be a recurring theme, however on a positive note, in general, many men embraced such a benefit.

During a time of economic uncertainty along with financial fears, unfortunately these factors will prevent many father’s from being the “hands on” parent they would want to be.

I think it is a real plus supporting new father’s, but until there is an increased shift towards flexible work patterns and perhaps some improvement on certain stigma’s attached to such parental rights within society, then I am not sure families will embrace such an opportunity nor have the choice to.

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