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Working mums – What are your reasons for returning to the workplace after children?

Posted on June 14, 2011 by allmumkind | Comments (0)

I can’t say it enough about becoming a mummy. It is the best job in the world! Thoroughly rewarding and challenging…..and hard work!

When it comes to the subject of working mum’s, I believe many women today return to work for mostly financial reasons. The general thought here is that due to state of the economy, many woman have no choice. Not all of course. Some women pursue their career for many, many reasons. I firmly believe you make your decision based upon the needs of your family. I also think that if you choose to work then its completely your choice – no-one else’s. It certainly has it’s plus side – Identity, independence, financial reward and adult interaction!

To help allmumkind with a study from all the wonderful mummy’s I am keen to find out what are your reasons for returning to the workplace after children?…….Much appreciated! xx

Would you be kind enough to leave your comments in the comments box…

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