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Working women with juggling roles suffer more stress than men

Posted on May 23, 2013 by allmumkind | Comments (0)

A study just published by the University of Oxford, has found that working women are found to suffer more stress than men with the jobs they juggle alongside motherhood.

Professor Daniel Freeman, a clinical psychologist of the University of Oxford says that the national mental health surveys show that women suffer with up to 20 to 40 percent more psychological orders than men each year.

Women today are expected to function as a carer, homemaker and breadwinner - alongside being perfectly shaped and groomed. Many women who experience these pressures, he suggest that this leads to psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. He goes on to say that men have higher rates of alcohol, drug and anger problems when dealing with stress today.

He explains that the environment we are simply living in today is putting pressure on the mental health of women, however he does emphasise that although the findings associate these problems to women, significant numbers of men men can suffer with anxiety and depression too.

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Manufacturing is sector leader for female talent

Posted on March 25, 2013 by allmumkind | Comments (3)

Since the report published by Lord Davies' two years ago identified the 'lack of women on boards', the Engineers Employers Federation along with Lloyds Commercial Banking and Cranfield School have published a female Manufacturing Report. This report is the first of its kind to be published measuring the Manufacturing sector.

Within the FTSE 100, Manufacturing businesses make up just short of a third of companies. Amongst it's own sector, females account for nearly 20% of board positions, compared against the whole FTSE 100 which has around 17% representation. Although this appears to be an improvement within this particular sector, female talent still has a long way to go within Manufacturing anyway.

As a country we still 'lag' behind other European countries and there is research to support perhaps why? Engineering has undoubtedly eroded over the past decades and doesn't have the same parity of esteem as academic learning in Europe. There is still a long way to go with routes through vocational and apprenticeship methods. Equally, we have to highlight to females that a career in Engineering is accessible and attainable.

EEF urges a grassroots approach, with both government and businesses targeting girls at a younger age and doing more to highlight that manufacturing can be a modern, dynamic and high-tech sector that is not ‘just for boys’. Research from Engineering UK reveals that 91 per cent of young females effectively rule themselves out of an engineering career by not choosing triple science at the age of 14. A light-touch approach to careers guidance or ‘inspiration’ should begin in primary school, with more structured careers advice being available to young people in secondary school, including a face-to-face element.
EEF and its partners want to increase the number of young women learning science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects, and see better promotion of vocational pathways including apprenticeships. The UK needs to continue to champion manufacturing but to specifically target young females who could become future leaders of our industry.

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Work sharing increases due to economy slump

Posted on December 13, 2012 by allmumkind | Comments (0)

As the financial crisis continues to sweep across the globe, we are experiencing a shift in working patterns for the first time in decades..Businesses are now reviewing their internal working practices and making adjustments to ensure they stay afloat during 2013.

In previous recessions, companies would automatically make more drastic decisions such as job cuts and wage reductions. It is interesting and equally positive to see businesses being more creative by changing the way in which they work. This includes work sharing and therefore days have been reduced, duties shared to make sure jobs are kept and employees still have a role to play.
The immediate impact of these measures is in the salaries of the employees because they are having to work reduced hours and even part-time. The positive output is that they still have a job to go to and also companies can continue to operate until the economy finally changes.

The overall view amongst business leaders is that these creative measures actually stabilise the global economy, instead of making drastic decisions and eroding talent, cultures and employment.

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Women prefer working for male bosses

Posted on November 29, 2012 by allmumkind | Comments (0)

New research has discovered that females throughout the UK actually prefer working for male managers.

Over a third of the women interviewed for the research confirmed that they would prefer to report into a male boss. Only a small proportion of the population asked said they would only wish to work for a female leader. The main reasons for more women wanting to work for men was they often created a more laid back environment than women actually do.

The study carried out by Office Broker found that male senior bosses engaged far less in office politics and were more focussed on the business goals and objectives of the organisation.
The findings were certainly interesting in that more women felt comfortable reporting into a male boss and with the current push on more female board members will certainly be fascinating to observe over the coming years.

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Over the summer, flexible working has risen over 50%

Posted on August 10, 2012 by allmumkind | Comments (1)

Many workers have taken advantage of a flexible working pattern over the summer months to avoid any travel disruptions which may have been caused through the Olympics. This has been recorded as a 50% increase.

Workers have also been experiencing a chance to work from home for the first time in their careers. This is 30% up than normal as many people wish to work differently during the Olympics.

Interestingly, the research carried out by O2 Pocket Hotspot has found that nearly 2.5 million working hours will have been saved during the 2 week period as people log-on from home and avoid commuting to an from the office.

Hopefully this demonstration of flexible working should highlight to businesses that it can be done and may result in some companies, increased productivity and staff morale.

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Companies with female directors perform better

Posted on August 7, 2012 by allmumkind | Comments (0)

Research has found that companies share price improvement is linked to gender diversity at the top.

The Credit Suisse Research Institute has measured that firms with women on their boards have consistently outperformed those businesses with only male directors.

The study measured the share price of nearly 2,500 companies across the globe over a six year period and concluded that "it would on average have been better to have invested in corporate's with women on their management boards than with those without". Companies with at least 1 female member on their boards have produced 16 per cent return on equity. This is 4 percent higher than those businesses without female representation. It also found that gender diverse boards growth is higher than businesses without.

Research identifies several key reasons as to why there is stronger performance and these are - greater gender diversity, stronger effort across the board, better mix of leadership skills, the access to a wider talent pool and a better reflection of the consumer.

This is positive news and the focus on greater diversity suggests a change in the working environment to adapt to the needs of different people. The study finds that the number of female board members is growing and stands at 16.7 which is up from just over 12 percent a year ago.

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More women are worried about retirement income...

Posted on July 16, 2012 by allmumkind | Comments (1)

A new study has identified that more than 50% or professional women are concerned about their financial situation once the reach retirement.

YouGov who conducted the research found that of the 53% of women identified as concerned, just short of 40% did believe that their existing plans for a comfortable retirement would be achieved.
Over 2000 women were questioned and nearly a quarter of this population, between the ages of 40 and 54 have need even planned or considered any form of savings for their retirement. A staggering 58% found the whole matter simply to confusing to deal with.
Even though there was a population of women identified as making saving plans for their retirement, the financial sum was less than £100 per month. This accounted for nearly 50% of then women asked.
The Head of Financial Services at YouGov identified that "There's a real need for pensions that take account of women's maternity leave and career breaks."

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Businesses intend to hire during next quarter

Posted on June 12, 2012 by allmumkind | Comments (82)

Some positive news on the job front in that companies intend to start hiring during third quarter of 2012

An employment survey carried out by Manpower discovered that the jobs sector is performing with resilience considering the internal and external pressure they face.

The survey was based on questioning over 2000 companies across the UK and found a positive response as businesses plan to hire than remain static over the seasonal period.

This outcome remains rather positive, as the UK has returned to a suggested recession and along with it the eurozone in complete crisis. The obvious pattern of a jobs market in such a scenario would be completely negative.

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Gender pay gap in City reaches over 20%

Posted on May 31, 2012 by allmumkind | Comments (0)

A City survey identified that women in Financial Services were being paid 21% less than their male colleagues performing a similar role. This percentage converts to around £30,000 less in complete pay which includes bonuses.

With large City firms focussing on their diversity policies, the research shows that women are still behind when it comes their financial reward.

Not only does the gap need to be drastically narrowed for equality reasons but more importantly, to attract top talent regardless of gender. Retention of talent here is significant also when the economy is in such a downturn.

The Home Secretary and Equalities Minister, Theresa May enforced "gagging" clauses in contracts back in 2010 to discontinue City workers discussing their pay. Since the enforcement of this clause, there appears to be little effect.

Nearly 2000 City professionals took part in a survey which showed that overall, employees were less satisfied with their base salary. The results also showed that the pay rises were less common in comparison to 2010.

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Half of female professionals are discriminated against daily

Posted on May 28, 2012 by allmumkind | Comments (1)

A new study has found that half of female professionals in the UK are discriminated against daily.

A shocking 50% of women face discrimination against them on the basis of their gender each day. This shocking research carried out by the online resource Advise Me Barrister discovered such a find by their study.

Almost 3,500 women carried out the study and half said they experienced remarks and sexist jokes in the working environment every day.

The report found that 66% of respondents had received inappropriate comments from their direct boss or make colleagues about the clothes they wore.

Sadly 50% felt they were unaware as to how and make a complaint about the remarks and 33% had decided they could no longer bare it and considered leaving their job.

A co-founder of Advise Me Barrister - Barrister Rachel Temple commented on the shocking figures " Hundreds of thousands of women are suffering discrimination of some kind."

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