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How to get a pay rise

Posted on April 25, 2014 by allmumkind | Comments (32)

Pay rises ideally should be asked face to face. Email is a no go.

It isn't advisable to provide reasons which are of no direct concern to your employer, however do plan and prepare your reasons in a positive manner.

Here's how to go about asking for a pay rise;

It must be face to face. This will give you the chance to stand on your platform and negotiate confidently and provide personal and business reasoning. Ideally, the best approach would be after a positive phase of delivery through a piece of work or after the completion of a successful project.

Do arrange a meeting to discuss this and a gentle agenda point as to what the meeting is actually for. It will help you employer instead of them guessing that you could be resigning or other news.

Organise your chat when the business is positive or after some news surrounding a contract being won, growth in profits etc. Probably not wise to talk money when the company may be under performing or have just lost a major account.

By demonstrating you have done some research is always welcoming. Perhaps do some research in the marketplace to benchmark your role against similar businesses doing similar responsibilities. Evidence around your personal contribution to the performance of the company and what you have achieved will place you in a better position.

Don't get emotional. Separate the discussion as a business conversation. Negotiating your role and pay increase is not deemed too personal. If you bring in why you feel the pay situation is unfair and compare yourself to the outside world this is perceived as negative. It is about creating a case and discussing what is fair and deserved.

Probably not a great idea to threaten you will resign if you don't like what you hear. This will place you in a negative space and will demonstrate a lack of commitment.

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