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More generous help for child care from Coalition

Posted on March 18, 2014 by allmumkind | Comments (3)

As part of the joint appeal by the Coalition to support child care for working families, they will be given up to £2000 per child under the 2014 budget.

This has come as a surprise as it is more generous than expected with plans for the new scheme to start in autumn 2015.

The move by the Coalition comes as pressure is mounting with more middle class workers being dragged into the 40p tax band.

Originally the support for families was based on the equivalent of basic rate tax on up to £6000 spent on childcare. This would equate to around £1,200. Now they have moved the expenditure to £10,000 on childcare which represents a payment worth £2000 for each child.

Although the Coalition are promoting this scheme more generously, one thing they have made clear is that this will only benefit two earner families and this is estimated to support 1.9 million families.

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More business want to hire mums

Posted on March 11, 2014 by allmumkind | Comments (2)

A new poll carried out by Regus has found that two fifths of employers plan to recruit more mums over the next few years.

The survey was carried out over 2000 businesses including senior managers and it was found that 8 out of 10 UK organisations feel that businesses are missing out by not employing the vast skills and experience of women returning to the workplace.

A similar poll was produce a few year ago and since then, the appetite for hiring women with children has increased by over 25% since then.

Businesses feel that hiring women with children locally works really well for their business than them working actually from home. In some regions it pays off for businesses to source quality skilled candidates who are directly on their doorstep whereby they can hire flexibly without commuting issues.

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Flexible working will be commonplace by 2030

Posted on March 4, 2014 by allmumkind | Comments (1)

A recent report set out by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) has suggested that flexible work forces will be commonplace by 2030.

As our population is living longer and with the changing economic times, there will be more older workers, aged 70 and above who will still be contributing, albeit in a flexible pattern. More working mums will increase with the shift in society and financial pressures which will mean more parents having to work.

Technology is beginning to and will have a defined impact on workers physically being present in an office to complete their roles. Offices could represent more of a "virtual workplace".

These are just some of the forecasted changes which will have profound implications for employers and especially HR functions and how they will work by 2030. The significant rise in flexible working will be a demand from our evolving multigenerational workforce.

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