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Better childcare to support career prospects

Posted on November 26, 2013 by allmumkind | Comments (0)

A recent survey carried out by Mumsnet found that having children made it more difficult to have a career and two in three felt "less employable" after they had children.

Many of the women felt their jobs became vulnerable as soon as they announced their pregnancy and it lead to lack of career progression. More and more women felt that employers lacked support when they had a family.

Pressure can build once the mothers returned to work when lack of support and understanding is given especially when set time dictate they leave to collect their children from childcare.

It has been suggested that women should stay at home and care for their families, however during this economic climate, staying at home is becoming less of an option for many families.

There has been a shift in the amount of women returning to work and their are estimated 2 million working mums who are now in fact the main bread winners. This is now 80% higher than 15 years ago. They earn more than their partner and can succeed at doing this will quality childcare and support from employers to allow for a degree of flexibility. Women can become more competitive in the workplace with better childcare facilities and better organised plans for women to transition back to the workplace.

Socially, we’ve got to stop criticising each other’s hard choices – there’s more than one way to raise a child well.
One of the most practical things the Government can do to improve the working mother’s lot, and that of society as a whole, is to invest intelligently in early childcare by creating world-class nurseries open to everyone.

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