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Working women with juggling roles suffer more stress than men

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A study just published by the University of Oxford, has found that working women are found to suffer more stress than men with the jobs they juggle alongside motherhood.

Professor Daniel Freeman, a clinical psychologist of the University of Oxford says that the national mental health surveys show that women suffer with up to 20 to 40 percent more psychological orders than men each year.

Women today are expected to function as a carer, homemaker and breadwinner - alongside being perfectly shaped and groomed. Many women who experience these pressures, he suggest that this leads to psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. He goes on to say that men have higher rates of alcohol, drug and anger problems when dealing with stress today.

He explains that the environment we are simply living in today is putting pressure on the mental health of women, however he does emphasise that although the findings associate these problems to women, significant numbers of men men can suffer with anxiety and depression too.

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Homeworking on the increase

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Over the past five years, homeworking has risen by almost 15% and the majority of these flexible roles are occupied by women.

The south-east has witnessed the sharpest rise in homeworking, which is closely followed by Scotland and Wales.

Since 2007, up to half a million UK employees are now working from home and gender wise, over two thirds of these are men and more women are working towards homebased roles.

New home-working roles being created this year is mostly occupied by women as a large proportion of new roles are part-time, which is considered a new trend.

Although home-working is on the rise this figure doesn't include the percentage of workers who on "occasion" work from home over each year.

It has been feared that the recession would disrupt flexible working practices, however, with home-working on the rise, the TUC has confirmed that it has become an essential part of the UK labour market.

Technological progress has had an impact on the rise of home-working, as less face to face contact with colleagues or customers has enabled this.

There are major benefits for businesses and employees when working from home through costs, however lack of team cohesion and loneliness can play a demotivating part.

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Culture change could be inspired by shared parental leave

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It was recently argued by the employment relations minister in the UK that our working practices and job structures have not changed over the years and are still stuck in the 1950's.

Jo Swinson suggests that there is a shortage of female representation in some sectors as traditional views of women and maternity leave contribute to women leaving their careers after having children.

During this economic climate we need more skills and talent to reach across entire workforces and many industries who are missing out on women's talent.

The employment relations minister is fully behind a "new shared parental leave system" which would grant families more flexibility. She suggests there could be more of a "mix and match" of parental care and this could encourage new ways for culture changes. This is positive news for the fathers who wish to be more involved, especially in the early years.

There are plans under way which are out with public consultation groups were the government intends to extend the right to request flexible working to all employees from April 2014 and then introduce a shared parental leave system from April 2015.

She is promoting such changes to organisations who, hopefully will begin to see the benefits of flexible talent and remove the barriers which are today really holding so many parents back.

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