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Women prefer working for male bosses

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New research has discovered that females throughout the UK actually prefer working for male managers.

Over a third of the women interviewed for the research confirmed that they would prefer to report into a male boss. Only a small proportion of the population asked said they would only wish to work for a female leader. The main reasons for more women wanting to work for men was they often created a more laid back environment than women actually do.

The study carried out by Office Broker found that male senior bosses engaged far less in office politics and were more focussed on the business goals and objectives of the organisation.
The findings were certainly interesting in that more women felt comfortable reporting into a male boss and with the current push on more female board members will certainly be fascinating to observe over the coming years.

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Economy may be slow but part-time work on the increase..

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Although we have news that the economy won't properly recover for at least three more years, there is a positive outcome in that part-time jobs are actually on the increase.

Unfortunately for full-time workers a recent study by the Bank of England found that on average they are working slightly longer hours compared to 4 years ago. This isn't surprising with the jobs losses and businesses needing more output with costs being cuts.

A Director of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research comments “Overall, economic performance has been pretty dismal. There’s been little growth for two years but the labour market has responded to that very well. We’ve seen employers push through a reduction in hours and wages decreased. That’s unpleasant for many individuals but are we better off as a society? Yes.”

Interestingly, a new trend has been identified in that part-time employment has increased during the three months to September, by nearly 50,000, which is a record high, taking the part-time market to 8.1m. Within this figure, almost 1.5m people took the offer of part-time work because they simply couldn't find full-time employment. The main reason for this is driven by employers not wanting to add to their cost base as they are cautious of over committing and therefore, jobs are offered as part-time.

There is evidence that businesses are in fact becoming more 'flexible' by offering more skilled and professional jobs on a part-time basis including, job-shares, home-working etc as employers see this as adding value to their organisations. Great news for professionals seeking a better work-life balance.

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Governments extension of flexible working is good for business

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Flexible working rights has been extended to all employees by the government, after their findings which suggest both employers and employees will benefit.

The shift in decision has been openly welcomed the Chief Executive of the CIPD who is amongst one of the many organisations who strongly support the move.

It is evident there appears to be a positive change towards flexible working of which employers can actually benefit from. During the current economic climate it is important businesses retain, motivate and demonstrate a more diverse workforce which are certainly supported through flexible working.

Flexible working is always important to working mothers, however it does span widely across the whole workforce reaching universally. Businesses can certainly receive commitment and loyalty from their workforce by adopting the policy. Understandably, some businesses may take more time to adopt and influence their culture with the new working policies, but small businesses should instantly enjoy multiple benefits almost immediately.

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Things not to put on your CV...

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Things not to put on your CV....

Most of us are aware as to how to present a CV, but are you aware of maybe what not to feature?

Here are some tips;

1. Negative expressions
Instead of expressing that you are "unemployed" you may wish to express this as "job seeking"
. Anything which gives room for negativity, steer clear of.

2. General phrases
Use clear vocabulary where possible and don't rely on vague impressions. This could be part of your opening profile statement, so don't waste the opportunity. "Good interpersonal skills" are very general. Use punchier, more eye catching vocabulary to back up what you are really good at.

3. Providing our age or date of birth

Unfortunately, in the world we live in today, age discrimination can and does occur during screening processes. Don't provide your age or date as birth as you don't need to disclose this. Your CV is a reflection of you and your skills and your capability of performing a job not your age!

4 Salary expectations

All mentions of money should be set aside when applying for a job, unless the job advert asks you to state salary expectations. There’s no reason to list your previous salaries for roles, an employer wants to see how well you fit the job, not how much money you have in your bank account.

5. Typos
Your opportunity to catch the eye of the employer could be over in an instant with any spelling and grammatical errors. Read over and over again before you submit. It could cost you that job you are wishing for.

6 A picture
Your CV is about your skills and experience and NOT to show the employer what you look like. Leave the photo off it won't get you any further to an interview.

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