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Morale at work boosted through Olympics

Posted on August 29, 2012 by allmumkind | Comments (2)

A study has found that half of organisations witnessed a boost in morale during the Olympics taking place this summer.

Nearly half of companies allowed their employees watch some sporting events according to a survey carried out by the ILM. Companies felt that there was better personal productiveness and that employees bonded boosting atmosphere/morale.
There were 1000 managers surveyed and they claimed that there had been much less disruption than expected and half of the managers claimed their was no impact at all on their businesses.

Interestingly, a fifth of business did actually trial new working practices with home-working, staggered hours and flexible working patterns. The Olympics may have just assisted business in moving forward with their working practices. 43 percent of companies surveyed, confirmed that they would try new working arrangements - i.e flexibility, home-working or staggered hours.

From the managers canvassed, they now disagreed with the London mayor's comment that home working was "skivers paradise". These business pushed back and identified that their employees were far from skiving, but demonstrated productivity and motivation when given the option to work from home.

Lets hope that more business continue to adopt more flexible working practices to benefit their businesses and employees by sustaining motivation and retaining talent which will reduce cost and sustain skills in the long run.

The start of the Paralympics will give companies another run at trying flexible working which can provide positive results again.

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Over the summer, flexible working has risen over 50%

Posted on August 10, 2012 by allmumkind | Comments (1)

Many workers have taken advantage of a flexible working pattern over the summer months to avoid any travel disruptions which may have been caused through the Olympics. This has been recorded as a 50% increase.

Workers have also been experiencing a chance to work from home for the first time in their careers. This is 30% up than normal as many people wish to work differently during the Olympics.

Interestingly, the research carried out by O2 Pocket Hotspot has found that nearly 2.5 million working hours will have been saved during the 2 week period as people log-on from home and avoid commuting to an from the office.

Hopefully this demonstration of flexible working should highlight to businesses that it can be done and may result in some companies, increased productivity and staff morale.

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Companies with female directors perform better

Posted on August 7, 2012 by allmumkind | Comments (0)

Research has found that companies share price improvement is linked to gender diversity at the top.

The Credit Suisse Research Institute has measured that firms with women on their boards have consistently outperformed those businesses with only male directors.

The study measured the share price of nearly 2,500 companies across the globe over a six year period and concluded that "it would on average have been better to have invested in corporate's with women on their management boards than with those without". Companies with at least 1 female member on their boards have produced 16 per cent return on equity. This is 4 percent higher than those businesses without female representation. It also found that gender diverse boards growth is higher than businesses without.

Research identifies several key reasons as to why there is stronger performance and these are - greater gender diversity, stronger effort across the board, better mix of leadership skills, the access to a wider talent pool and a better reflection of the consumer.

This is positive news and the focus on greater diversity suggests a change in the working environment to adapt to the needs of different people. The study finds that the number of female board members is growing and stands at 16.7 which is up from just over 12 percent a year ago.

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London firms offering flexible working

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New research has discovered that actually more London firms are offering some level of flexibility.

A study conducted by the Chambers of Commerce found that around 80% of London based firms now offer flexible working such as working remotely.

Many managers see this flexible working as a positive and confirm an increase in productivity and reduction of costs. This is seen as a real benefit to businesses in the current economic climate.

The research found that 29% of firms indicated that teleworking improves the quality of their employees' output, while 25% noted they have seen a reduction in their financial outlay of between £3,000 and £100,000 thanks to the practice.

Many firms are expected to provide more opportunities for flexible working during the London 2012 Olympics, which got underway last week and run until 12 August.

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