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Flexible working is growing…

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The CIPP – Chartered Institute of Payroll and Professionals has found that over 70% of organisations are now offering some elements of flexible benefits to their workers. This is expected to increase during the course of 2012.

From the survey carried out, over 80% of workers believe flexible benefits are “very important” and at the very least “important”.

Amongst the benefits measured of importance to workers, childcare vouchers were deemed as one of the most important flexible benefits.

With the state of the economy it is important that workers are getting maximum value from flexible benefits provided in the workplace. Staff need to feel valued at this moment in time and it is important that organisations communicate effectively and demonstrate empowerment and support. This is key for the motivation of staff and businesses receiving productivity.

The study has also found that with the advancement of technology, businesses are in a better position in allowing employees to work remotely. This supports the flexibility policies of companies which is apparently on the rise.

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New Year resolution tips for a better work-life balance….

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You have blinked and the New Year is upon us! The stress of Christmas is over and as we thunder into the first full working week of 2012, are you ready to address the great intentions you had planned for your career and work life balance in 2011? Finding the motivation to put those plans into action can be hard, but now it is the best time to begin. You will be surprised as to how effective you can be what you can achieve. Here are some friendly allmumkind tips to help you on your way…

- Time to review your CV?

Always a task which you find hard to sit down and concentrate on. Get organised and set time aside to start reviewing what needs to be enhanced. Before you start editing and writing, it may be worth compiling a list of all the achievements you have accomplished since you last wrote your CV. You may not have worked for some time, however by looking at how you filled your time since your career break you may be surprised as to what you have achieved – voluntary work, supporting your school, taking part in fund raising for school/activity groups. These skills all add up.

If you are working but are looking to move, do some research on suitable positions which you are interested in and fit your skills/experience. You can compose your CV around the needs and requirements of those roles. Also, look as to how you will market yourself. Again, list all your current skills and experiences and used these to write a professional CV. Remember concise and to the point.

- Connect with your network

You will be surprised as to how many people you know or have known whether through working or simply involving your day to day life. Even since having children your network will have evolved further without you even realising. If you currently use or have previously used a Linked-in account this may be a great place to start. It’s an extremely useful tool for reconnecting with previous colleagues/associates and sharing your current skills and experiences in a professional network. Have the confidence to connect with previous employers and ask them for recommendations/testimonials about you and your work. This can be a great way of highlighting your achievements and openly marketing yourself within a network.

Apart from social network sites catch up with other mums and friends to share knowledge about what you are looking to do as they may have useful contacts and other networks to forward you onto.

Alter your work pattern

- You may be thinking of reviewing the job market in search of a new and more family friendly position. Before you do, is there an opportunity within your organisation for you to alter your working pattern in anyway? I think some companies are not as well versed as others with regards to their working options which they could build around their business. Also, this is where businesses perhaps lose great talent because they have not fully explored a flexible option.

Obviously before you launch into your managers office you need to build your case. Observing the mechanism of your department and how the work is distributed is a good start. Are there any other working mum’s itching for more flexibility? Are there any internal structural changes about to take place? Are there any large projects to be launched?

If you can create a supportive case to your seniors with suggestions and thoughts from your findings then you may have an opportunity. They may be so absorbed in their day to day duties that they haven’t ever thought of the possibility, so if you don’t ask you may never know. Explain your business case offering clear solutions rather than offering a list of problems and needs. You may be quite surprised at the outcome. A business which does have some capacity for flexibility would be short sighted to let go a working mums talent and experience.

- The art of delegation – learn how to..

It doesn’t matter how efficient you are I am sure we all have room to delegate. This can be wherever you need it most. It could be that you need more help at home with the children or with the domestic chores. If you have been stressing about a situation last year then its time to change it. You may find you could be slightly more effective at work if you do delegate a part of your workload which may enable you to achieve your own workload. Suggestions here within your team may help or if you are a decision maker it may be simply the time to make some small changes.

- Apply some “me” time

Away from the demands of your domestic/work life you need to find time for yourself. If you think you can’t find the time, you must create time. Exercise, evening classes, hobbies, reading or even pampering!  It doesn’t really matter what it is, but what is key is that you have time from the demands of children, home and work….

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