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Working mums are happier than those mums who stay-at-home..

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Staying at home with our children to bond with and be a full-time mum is the ideal scenario for lots of mums. But does our well-being suffer?

According to a ten year study carried out by the University of North Carolina, stay-at-home mums are more likely to be depressed and suffer ill health than working mums. The study collated 10 years of data from over 1000 mums. They followed them since giving birth and throughout the decade to measure their well-being.

Across all cases there were significant differences in maternal well-being, such as conflict between work and family or parenting. Interestingly the measured outcome favoured part-time work over full-time work. Also part-time work was favoured over not working at all.

Having compared part-time and full-time workers, their general health or depressive symptoms didn’t differ. They were practically the same.

The happy balance of part-time work found that they were involved with schooling as much as stay-at-home mums and definitely more than full-time mums.

Those part-time working mums were apparently more sensitive to pre-school learning and presenting opportunities to learn than full-time mums. Pre-school learning was a priority and more attention and dedication was provided.

We are all experiencing a rather tough economic climate and employers are cutting back more and more. Part-time employees are attractive for reasons including reduced salary costs/benefits and training. Equally, employers do get a lot of value add from hiring part-time mums as they are mostly highly efficient, provide a wealth of experience and demonstrate continued commitment. We need to see more opportunities from businesses in supporting this work pattern. There is certainly talent out their to be invested in.

There are positives to all scenarios mentioned and as individual parents we chose which one works best for us and our family. I have tried both over the past few years whilst raising my young family and both are very stressful at times and bring their highs and lows. It is a personal choice. For me it finding the best balance which enables you to enjoy the amazing elements of parenthood and equally having some stimulation away from your children.

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Women’s contribution to finances at home has nearly tripled since the 60′s

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Back in the late 60′s women accounted for just 14% of employment income. This has risen to nearly 40% since then.

A report carried out by the Institute for Fiscal Studies identified that there has been a “major shift in the gender composition of employment income”. Interestingly, since the late 60′s, female employment has risen and men’s employment has actually fallen.

Women in households have earned more over the decades compared to men, who’s work has hardly increased.

Two significant decades have contributed to our change in working patterns. During the 1980′s we saw the heavy industry sectors break up which were heavily male concentrated. This went on to change the male employment workforce significantly. Then during the 1990′s saw the introduction of the service sector which offered more part-time roles allowing women to work more and more.

The Government boosted opportunities for a proportion of families around 2002 when they introduced tax credits. This increased income for women encouraging women to work more.

We now see a changing future again towards some women working. With tax credits cuts and less childcare it seems that more women may be pushed out of the workforce. With the Governments austerity policies we can see an impact on women’s unemployment which is now at a 23 year high. This equates to an impact in women’s finances.

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