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Stay at home mums is on the rise.

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It doesn’t come as a complete surprise that the number of stay at home mums is on the rise for the first time. And I am not surprised to read that the UK has the most expensive childcare costs in the world.

More women than men are affected by unemployment and this number is rising. The main reason for the increase is that women are losing their jobs within the public sector, due to government cuts. This has been reduced by 70% in order to reduce the welfare bill.

Currently there are over a quarter of a million women who are jobless and have been for over a year, according to the IPPR – Institute of Public Policy Research. A high proportion of women included in this figure have no choice but to quit their jobs as the government cut Childcare Tax Credits. Equally there are a proportion of women who can’t economically justify the huge increase in childcare costs and it doesn’t make going to work worthwhile.

Unfortunately for some working mums the decision has already been made as they have been made redundant from their jobs. Within this population of women there may be some mums who had a good family balance and now may struggle to identify a similar job that suits them and they are forced to stay at home.

I would love to hear from you if you have been affected if this includes yourself;

- Where you made redundant from your job?

- Have you been forced to leave your job due to costly childcare rises?

- Have you been forced to leave your job due to government cuts i.e Childcare Tax Credits?

- Have you simply opted to become a stay at home mum?

Thanks for your continued support!

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Points to consider when at an interview….

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A recent survey carried out by found some very interesting findings when they questionned 100 UK businesses…

In a market which is so competitive employers are not only observing verbal communication of potential employees but behaviours and actions. Some of these will actually be considered when making a hiring decision.

Of the employers questioned, 83% said that lack of eye contact was an interview turnoff. This was followed by a weak handshake at 54%.

A real dislike from employers came when candidates crossed their arms over their chest. This was 41% of the employers thoughts followed by fidgeting with an object on a table which came in at 40%. Fidgeting with hair was 36%.

Additional feedback from employers which they considered a turnoff was bad posture, use of hand gestures and an overly strong handshake.

On a positive note if a potential employer had to compare candidates with similar skill-sets required for the role, then 34% said that they would chose the candidate with a sense of humour. This was considered a big factor. If you are well presented, then 28% of employer would offer you the job.

One final point to be aware of is dressing “too casual”. This is deemed a common complaint and tailoring yourself to the business you are interviewing for is a must.

The final research is summed up by Tony Roy – President of Career Builder EMEA “Employers are evaluating the whole package during job interviews and the non-verbal cues job candidates give can be very influential on the hiring decision”

If it has been some time since you have interviewed in the market or are considering another career avenue then perhaps ask trusted friends and family about your appearance and maybe run through some questions to gauge an opinion as to how you come across? Some honest and constructive feedback may help you get that job!

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