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Young workers go “green” and push for “flexible working”

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What a refreshing article I have just read…

According to the Telework Association “A new generation of green conscious workers is pushing for more flexible working measures”. Interesting?

If we have to wait for this government to make changes which lets face it, may take some time, then it is reassuring to hear our younger generation are contributing to a much needed cause.

Telework Association made this comment after CBI/Harvey Nash Employment Trends Survey showed that 96% of employers offer at least one form of flexible working. These flexible working options included part time working, flexi and term time working and job sharing. Would be great if businesses embraced all of them!

The organisation suggests that the younger generation deemed commuting as an “arduous” and “outdated habit”!

Peter Thomson, Director of Research at the Telework Association goes on to say, “This is a generation who are green conscious, who are taught environmental studies at school, and are quite rightly saying ‘Hang on – you, my parents’ generation, have polluted the planet. I’d like to do something about it, and let’s start with all this stupid travel that we’re doing’,”.

We live in hope…..

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Single mum’s will lose out…

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A new study suggests that lone parents are losing out from the coalition review of tax and benefits. The sad fact is that single mums are hit harder than single men.

This information has been drawn up by the Fawcett Society and the Institute of Fiscal Studies who estimates that;

- Single women lose on average of just under 5% of their annual income as a result of the changes to the tax and welfare system by 2015.

- Lone mothers can expect to lose 8.5% of their annual income by 2015, equivalent to a month’s take home income every year.

Anna Bird, acting chief of the Fawcett Society explains..” The results are clear; women are bearing the brunt of cuts…Some of the least well off in our society are being forced to act as shock absorbers for the cuts, with women – in particular single mothers – faring worse”.

“A year on from the coalition government’s first budget, we call on the Chancellor to adopt this analysis in future budgets to allow for fairer and more transparent decision making. The government should also review welfare, employment and childcare policy, so that lone mothers do not shoulder more than their fair share of the cuts”.

It’s really interesting to see that this government is promoting a “Brighter Britain” and banging on about the reduction in unemployment, when if they actually concentrated on the population of mums – most whom are dedicated/skilled and are wanting to make a difference, then they would realise these women need greater support, not barriers when contributing to the workplace……

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What are your biggest fears when considering going back to work?

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How on earth will I Cope? My brain has stopped working and I won’t remember anything! I will miss my kids soooo much….

These were some of my fears, in fact I had a catalogue of them!

Apart from the actual physicality of going back to work, what other obstacles get in the way or are you worrying about;

How to apply for a job, How to sell yourself?, Does my CV look right? How to fill in the gaps? Oh my goodness, I have an interview!!! How not to fluff the interview….

To help allmumkind with a fact finding exercise, can you please let me know your thoughts/concerns/worries/fears?

Much appreciated!

Thanks again for your continued support


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UK Government’s progression to eliminate discrimination against women….

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A report produced by the UK’s government was this passed to the UN (CEDAW) – Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women, to try and achieve gender equality and to hopefully eliminate discrimination against women.

The UK’s government Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equality Theresa May said…”The government is committed to equality for women and despite progress over recent decades, there is still a long way to go”.

She goes on to say that “The government is taking action to tackle the inequalities that women face in all aspects of their lives. Amongst this list are plans to tackle the gender gap, more rights to flexible working and a new system of flexible parental leave. The report goes on to say that this government is determined in providing more opportunities for the next generation of women. Let’s hope they keep this agenda point firmly at the top of their list!

Their key strategy is to “Build a fairer Britain”..……I really hope so, but I think they have a very long way to go…

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Working mums – What are your reasons for returning to the workplace after children?

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I can’t say it enough about becoming a mummy. It is the best job in the world! Thoroughly rewarding and challenging…..and hard work!

When it comes to the subject of working mum’s, I believe many women today return to work for mostly financial reasons. The general thought here is that due to state of the economy, many woman have no choice. Not all of course. Some women pursue their career for many, many reasons. I firmly believe you make your decision based upon the needs of your family. I also think that if you choose to work then its completely your choice – no-one else’s. It certainly has it’s plus side – Identity, independence, financial reward and adult interaction!

To help allmumkind with a study from all the wonderful mummy’s I am keen to find out what are your reasons for returning to the workplace after children?…….Much appreciated! xx

Would you be kind enough to leave your comments in the comments box…

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First day back….

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This day hung over me like a black cloud for most of my maternity leave if I am honest. I am a worrier by nature so this new experience of going back to work, with the responsibility of a baby to add to the equation made my stomach churn….Sound’s a little drastic I know.

My plan first time round was to take the 6 months off as I believed life would pretty much be the same and it would all slot into place..I couldn’t have been more wrong. As soon as my son was born I never felt the same and found it hard to function, let alone cope with a baby! The thought of entering the world of work in a matter of months filled me with dread. It wasn’t just the changes I experienced becoming a mum, it was the thought of leaving him and even worse with someone else.

I worried about this a lot and one day came clean with my husband and presented him with my fear and anxieties. We hatched a plan, reviewed our finances and decided we could just about manage until our son was 1 and then I had to return to work….phew! I still had to go back at some point.

My increased maternity time I relished every moment. My worry and panic subsided a little as I had “time” to pick up those feelings in the future. I was not going to waste a moment!

I enjoyed every minute of my “extra” time but as we hurtled towards a few months prior to returning, those pangs of guilt, dread and panic came back again. It wasn’t going away and I had to accept it would be my turn shortly and join my peers and friends who were working and juggling their family lives. This is what other mums had warned me about. I found it really hard whichever way I dressed it up or down.

“That” day approached fast and to lessen the pain I treated myself to new work clothes – a new me. Helped a little but the reality was I didn’t want to leave him. Yes the money was a huge plus….financial independance again, holidays etc “I am giving him the best start in life” “Better to provide for a easier life than constantly worry about money”. These where the conversations I would have with myself regularly.

The day came and I thought I would never survive, but I did. Plenty of women do. It’s hard and emotional but if you are organised, have selected the best childcare which works for you, don’t beat yourself up too much and try and select the positives from the working/balancing life then you will get through it. It also made it a little easier when I had some close friends to lean on when it was all too much….

If I could get through a good week without dropping a “ball” and more importantly no sickness from nursery, including baby and I then I had succeeded! The biggest reward of picking my son up from nursery and the time we spent when I wasn’t at work was worth it…..I will never forget those cherished times of indulgence…

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