About us

Welcome to our specialist recruitment site. allmumkind offers flexible part-time and full-time career opportunities to professional and experienced mums who are returning to the workplace after a career break, or who are simply seeking a better work-life balance.

We are passionate about helping businesses identify the skills, capability and enthusiastic people they can connect with through flexible working.

Our aim is to provide flexible solutions, to skilled and experienced mums who may be wanting to make the transition back into the workplace, or who are seeking more flexible family friendly positions. You may even be looking to use your toolkit of skills and experience to move into a different sector or role.

As an organisation, you will receive quality and experienced candidates from an untapped talent pool, who can add value and skills to your business through working flexibly.

Flexible working doesn’t dilute the productivity, but simply allows resources to work away from non-fixed hours.

This may include full-time, reduced days, job-sharing, homeworking or even on a short-term ad hoc basis. Small projects and interim roles are perfect for experienced professionals to deliver specialist objectives and in return, receive results through a safe pair of hands. Whichever way you decide to hire, you are sure to receive improved staff productivity, create a more diverse working culture and environmentreduction of absenteeism, controlled costs and loyalty.

Operating across the UK we service all industry sectors; Financial Services, Professional Services, Industry and Commerce, NFP and Public sectors.

Within these industry sectors, we provide opportunities across a wide range of functional divisions from admin/office support positions to senior appointments.

This fully interactive web service enables clients to advertise their flexible/part-time and full-time jobs and receive direct career profiles to their inbox.

Alternatively, we offer a full recruitment service where we use our expert experience and skills to source quality talent directly. Please email info@allmumkind.com for more information and assistance.

Our diversity statement

allmumkind is committed to equality for parents who are seeking a better work-life balance through flexible working and the opportunity to continue building a successful career. We identify the desire for many women post motherhood, with a wealth of experience and skills to secure and sustain senior positions. This drives our focus in running a progressive and successful business.

Our service offered to candidates, will ensure we advertise and market our site through a diverse range of mediums, which do not discriminate and respect individuals. We will follow policies and regularly monitor data and update where necessary.

Our aim and continued drive is to work with companies who place diversity at the top of their recruitment and employment policies. We can support companies to hire flexibly which will enable them to benefit from;

-Achieving better retention and commitment

-Create a diverse working culture/environment

-Achieve better standards of motivation and morale 

-Better understanding of different markets

-Reduce turnover and costs on repeat recruitment fees

-Although diversity is good in itself, it has been measured that it is beneficial for business

We believe that in today’s working community, organisations perform more successfully through building a diverse workforce.

How it all began..

allmumkind was founded in 2010 by Bev Corrigan. Initially set up as a social network for like-minded mums to receive information, join discussions and share ideas, it was through evolvement that this brand new on-line service was created. The whole idea came about when I decided to place my city career on hold and focus on my young family.

Having a wealth of experience, working in investment banking and then over a decade in recruitment, I began to think about how I could utilise my skills and knowledge. Searching my strong network, websites and recruitment companies I quickly realised there was a market opportunity in supporting and representing professional mums within the workplace.

The talent amongst my immediate network was huge, which confirmed my thoughts. It also became apparent that the marketplace was changing rapidly and more businesses recognised the worth of flexible workers and how effective they can be. This is why allmumkind has been created. I want this to be THE support network for women seeking flexibility and opportunities in the workplace.